The WTC Business Club has existed since the foundation of the WTC Complex SP (, but has been operating its current concept and business model for nearly nine years, and is led by its current President Bruno Bomeny, who brought the market’s top executives of emerging Relationship Clubs, industries, International Chambers of Commerce and, Business Associations.

Since then, WTC Club São Paulo has been growing in an accelerated and qualitative form, expanding its operations through Brazil. Through this concept, it has turned out to be the number one reference in its segment and a reference in the World Trade Center Association.
Also, it has been invited to give speeches and consulting companies internationally. The other business units that complement the WTC Complex are Shopping D&D, Sheraton Hotel, WTC Events Center and WTC Office Tower. Today the WCT Business Club has about 50 staff members to attend professionally and support their continued growth with excellence in their services. We have subsidiaries in the cities of Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, and Fort Lauderdale (Florida).


WTC-SP impact on Berrini
In 1975, the architects Carlos Bratke, Roberto and Francisco Collet were responsible for initiating the famous and bustling Avenida Engenheiro Luis Carlos Berrini. The idea was to escape the high prices of Av. Paulista and so they settled at Rua Funchal and invested in projects for the structuring of the avenue.

In 1993, starts the construction of the Complex World Trade Center Sao Paulo, WTC-SP, at the region of Av. Berrini, which begins to undergo a major transformation. Entrepreneurs have realized the opportunities and imagined what the current avenue became.

The district of Brooklin Novo emerged as potential business center district, but there were no buildings. The scenario was composed of illegal occupations that contrasted with the possible expansion of São Paulo economic area.

With the emergence of enterprises, entrepreneurs felt the need to organize an association that could map out the neighborhood, and seek investment solutions to reverse the situation. In partnership with the São Paulo City Hall and the Department of Social Welfare it was generated real benefits to these residents and consequently for new businesses.

In 2001, Gilberto Bomeny, CEO of WTC-SP and precursor of this action, was invited to give a lecture in New York, recognized by the United Nations (UN) for their efforts to resolve a socio-economic cause.

The giant project Complex WTC-SP, the largest business complex in Latin America, was a milestone in the contribution and evolution of the avenue that became known as the Berrini.

The Sao Paulo WTC complex is an icon as a multi-purpose project in Brazil, one of the most complete and modern center of Latin American business, and a postcard of the city of São Paulo.

Integrated Management of 4 business units provides solutions and convenience to customers with excellence world class in services: hotels, events, corporate offices and trends in design & decor.

  • Sheraton Hotel
  • WTC Events Center
  • Shopping D&D
  • WTC Tower

The integration of the building complex with a business intelligence platform from the World Trade Center, WTC Business Club brings business generation, investment, and value to all stakeholders.